Ideas to Help You Use Wine for the Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween parties are a little better when you have wine. They’re better yet when that wine somehow fits the Halloween feel. There are some things you can do to get your adult beverage feeling a bit more holiday appropriate.

Read the labels. Some wine companies have done a great job of creating holiday themed wines. Local winery’s will often be the first to start doing this. There is also a brand called Vampire Wines that’s very spooky. Can’t find a bottle that has an appropriately Halloween name/feel, not a problem, turn to your computer and create some of your own labels and stick them on the bottles. It’s a little thing your guests will love. Small bottles of wine with the creative labels make great gifts if you want your guests to leave with a party memento.

Jello shots are always a huge hit at the parties, and they’re really tasty when you make them from a good bottle of white wine. After the jello has set, use a cookie cutter to create fun, Halloween inspired shapes.

Pour some red wine into a small punch bowl and use fruit to make it look like there are body parts or monsters floating in the liquid. You will still be able to enjoy drinking the wine, and your party guests will be appropriately grossed out. Best of all, they’ll be talking about your wine themed punch bowl for years.

The wine bottles don’t have to be full. If you have a couple empty bottle tucked away, you can incorporate them into party decorations. Use stickers and other crafty ideas to give the bottle a Halloween appropriate vibe and then use it as a vase for some dead flowers.

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