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There is nothing better than settling in with an awesome slasher movie late at night. Among all of the great horror films, the “Halloween” series featuring Michael Myers is definitely my favorite. I created this website to celebrate my love for Michael Myers and his character in my favorite movies. I invite you to check out my articles where I dish about all this horror… movies, books, characters, and more.

Each time a new horror movie hits theaters, I’m there with popcorn in hand. I analyze the movies here and rate them for my fellow horror fans so you can know what movies are best before you ever hit the ticket line. You will also find some great actor biographies here as I love to research the actors and actresses that appear in the Halloween movies and other slasher films. So without further ado, let’s start this fright fest and look at some of the world’s most horrifically awesome horror movies.

Getting the Most Out of Your Next Horror Movie Marathon with Ecig Reviews


There’s something about horror movie marathons that just seem to improve the overall quality of life. They help you unwind and truly escape the stress and anxieties that have plagued you all week. The next time you feel the need for a horror movie marathon, there are a few things you can do to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Put in Extra Time in the Gym Before the Marathon – Knowing that you’ve already sweated off extra calories means you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite horror movie treats. You won’t believe how much better buttered popcorn, ice cream, and peanut butter cups taste when you don’t have to count calories. Make sure all of your favorite snacks are in easy reach so you don’t have to constantly get up and go into the kitchen for another round of supplies.

Put on your Pajamas – For some reason, pajamas, especially once that you’ve had awhile and fit just right makes horror movies seem even better than they do when you’re wearing jeans. To truly get the most out of the experience, you should add a pair of fuzzy socks. Even in the middle of the summer, fuzzy socks seem to make things just a little bit better.

Choose a Night When You Don’t Have to Get Up in the Morning- There’s nothing the ruins a horror movie marathon faster than realizing you need to get up early in the morning. Knowing you have the ability to sleep until noon the next day means you won’t have to worry about how late you stay up, or how many movies you can watch. You should also make sure that you have things set up so that you’re in a comfortable place that won’t hurt your body if you fall asleep in the middle of your marathon.

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There’s several reasons why you should make the change to electronic cigarettes, including:

• Studies indicate that they don’t stress your cardiovascular system as much as traditional cigarettes do

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• You can really relax when you use an electronic cigarette and not have to worry about the possibility of burning your house down if you fall asleep in the middle of your horror movie marathon. The e cigs are battery powered so no flame. When you read through ecig reviews, you’ll even learn that after a certain period of time passes without you puffing, some brand of e cigarettes will automatically shut off.

• You can use the electronic cigarettes in the house.

Enjoy your next horror movie marathon!

Movies of Horror


Since the motion picture has existed, the darker parts of humans have been featured on the big screen. The first horror movies were inspiration of literary work by writers like Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker. The common themes center around: supernatural, macabre, and fantasy. The early movies of horror were relatively smooth in the level of depravity they exhibited.

Horror movies depict situations including, revulsions, fears, terror, and nightmares. The plot usually involves an innocent person in a quiet situation invaded by a form of evil. Horror movies display a battle of good and evil, that up until the last 10-15 years, good usually won. Modern horror movies have a more cynical approach rendering evil as a winner.

Twenty-first century horror films have a more prevalent theme of alien abductions. Some of these movies are supposedly “based on real life events”. In the world of Ufology (study of alien encounters), there are four kinds of alien encounters. The “fourth kind” being the most horrific, as a person is abducted and used for mysterious testing.

A genre of movies have risen from the story of these fourth kind encounters. People that have claimed to experience these encounters, report to have been subjected to the most dreadful treatment. During some of the alleged live footage of these events; it appears that the people experiencing the encounters are possessed by beings, sometimes speaking languages that haven’t been on the earth for thousands of years. Ufology mimics demonology, they are the same.

Of all the horror movies I have watched in my life, these “true life events” are the most unnerving. I don’t believe that all horror movies are a display of fictional events. In most of these cases someone, somewhere has likely experienced something similar to what is being acted out in front of the cameras. However, I do believe this, most all of these dark movies have some truth to them, but the Blood of Christ and the power of His Cross cover me. I have peace like river because Jesus is Lord.

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Halloween: Interesting Pumpkin Information


It there weren’t any pumpkins, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same holiday we currently know and love. It doesn’t matter if we see them laying a field, covered in an early frost and waiting to be harvested or with a scary face carved into them, the minute we see a pumpkin we get into the Halloween spirit.

Many historians believe that the pumpkin plant was one of the very first plants that humans ever domesticated. It’s believed that they were first grown domestically in 10,000 BC. No one knows quite why these were the first plants that humans tried to grow. We do know that the first domestic pumpkins bore little resemblance to the large, brilliantly colored sphere’s we’re familiar with.

Despite the stories, it wasn’t corn that allowed the first Europeans to survive when they arrived in what would eventually become the United States. The pumpkin is the food that should really get all the credit. Not only did the pumpkin save the early colonists from starving to death, but it was also used in lieu of wheat and barley when they needed to brew beer.

In addition to eating the meat produced by the pumpkin, the colonists also used pumpkins to feed livestock. At the time, pumpkins were considered to be a cheap form of livestock feed. Now, farmers know that feeding pumpkins to livestock is a great way to add flavor to the meat. Many pet owners have started mixing pumpkin into dog food since it’s an excellent source of fiber.

Even though Halloween is a holiday that pre-dates Christianity, using the pumpkin as a jack-o-lantern is a new custom. Historians believe the pumpkin didn’t become a part of Halloween celebrations until mid-1800’s.

Horror Movies Need A Reboot


When it comes to movies the world has almost everything you can imagine. The world has all kinds of genres and niche films that you could ever think of. The only problem is that the majority of them are terrible. One of the most popular genres of film is called the horror movie. The idea is that you make a move that can scare the viewer. I am not sure why the viewer wants to be scared but the films can be fun and they can work if they are done well. The only problem is that a vast majority of the films are not done well. They are usually filled with b-list actors at best and the writers are even worse. There have only been a handful of horror movies that have actually worked at making me scared. As a kid the Nightmare on Elm Street series was scary to me and the Jason movies were scary. But the truth of the matter is that these films were nothing more than a bad comedy sketch.

The only truly scary movie I have ever watched is The Exorcist. That film was so horribly scary that I will not watch it today. I think the main reason this film is scary s that it is based off of the real life events of a young boy. While the film shows a young girl the story is still very creepy. In order for the horror genre to make a comeback the industry needs to strive for better actors and for better writers. Until this happens the horror movies will continue to be nothing special. I would like to ask the moviemakers to really thin about making a really scary movie. Make a movie that makes me cry from fear. That is how you find a winner!

Important Survival Lessons Learned from Horror Movies


For as long as there has been cinema, there have been horror movies. The interesting thing about these horror movies is that despite the fact they are generally made with a very low budget, and they are almost always panned by the critics, they draw huge crowds at the theatres and also are the movies that seem to stick with viewers the longest. Few people realize that horror movies also provide some pretty valuable life lessons.

Pay Attention

The first thing you should take away from horror movies is the importance of staying sharp and always checking out your environment. During the movies, the minute someone lets down their guard is the same instant that someone wielding a bloody chainsaw jumps out of the bushes at them. In real life, staying sharp will help you avoid car accidents, muggings, and even help you catch signs that a relationship is headed south.

Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected

No matter how bad things get, you need to keep your head. In horror movies, the person who stays calm is generally the only one to make it out alive. In real life, staying calm will help you extract yourself from any situation, or even better, think of a perfect solution.

Don’t Try to Be Brave

While the person who stays calm and rational during the instances when they are being stalked by some paranormal, flesh eating creature is the one who stays alive. The person who gets brave and tries to pretend there isn’t anything amiss, is almost always the very person who gets attacked. The lesson you can learn from this is that hiding, calling for help, and removing yourself from the situation are always better options than trying to put on a brave face.

Who Likes Horror Movies?


One of my biggest pet peeves about going to the movie store is the type of movies that I see most on the shelves, horror movies. I just don’t get why they are so popular. Do people really want to scare the crap out of themselves on a regular basis or is there something else about the movies that I am missing? Also, why are there so many of these movies out there? If you have ever taken the time to look up online the new movies that come out on DVD or Blu-ray each week, you will notice that a lot of them are horror movies.

Most of these movies were never in the theaters and by the description and the plot it really is obvious why they went straight to the video store. It seems that a lot of them are the same movies over and over and the point of most of them is to just see how much grosser they can be than the last movie that came out with the same plot. What really gets me is that it is not just during the Halloween season that these types of movies are coming out, like it used to be back in the good old days.

Every single week it seems there are new ones out there ready to show you just how bad a movie can be. Maybe I am little biased because I hate watching horror movies because I don’t like to be scared. I have never had an interest in having nightmares when I go to bed or being afraid to go out at night just in case that creep character from the horror movie I watched is waiting for me in the parking lot. I am an adult and I do know better, but I just don’t get the point of wanting to be scared by something that is supposed to be entertaining.

Why I Really Hate Scary Movies


In an unfortunate twist of events, I married a man that adores horror films. From “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” to old school “Jason” and “Freddie”, my husband loves them all. But I can’t stand any of them. I am a big chicken and I can’t stomach even the mildest scary movies. In fact, I can still remember the first time I watched “Scream” back in high school. A bunch of my friends got together and rented the movie when it came out and everyone kept telling me how great it would be. I nearly wet my pants before we were halfway through the film and I ended up making up some lame excuse so I could go home, where I promptly had nightmares for two weeks.

When I started dating my husband, he urged me to try scary movies again. He insisted that I could handle them as long as I was tucked next to his side where he would keep me safe and offer some comic relief from time to time. I put on my brave face and gave it my best shot. We watched “The Ring” and I should note two things here. First of all, I can never watch a static screen on a television set ever again. Second, don’t ever watch this movie. You will regret it. I made it through the whole film, although I did close my eyes a few times. But after it was over, my nerves were totally fried. My husband-to-be thought it would be cute to startle me. He was grabbing something from the refrigerator and turned around and just made this high pitched “Peep!” sound and I burst into sobs. Not only was I terrified, but now I was awfully embarrassed too. So that is why I hate scary movies.

Trying Herbal Incense For Halloween


It seems that almost everybody has a particular holiday that they love to celebrate. Most people seem to enjoy Christmas but I think that is because they are selfish and they simply like to get presents. I have two holidays that I love. The first is Thanksgiving, and that is simply because I am fat and I love to eat. However there is one holiday that I really get excited over and that is Halloween. I always go all out for the event and this year is going to be no different. I am already making plans for what I want to do and there are some good ideas cooking in my brain. However there is one idea that I have already settled on. I am going to try using herbal incense for my Halloween party.

Herbal incense is a great thing and it offers a ton of possibilities. Not only doe it come in a lot of aromas but it is so easy to use. I simply light the incense and let it put off its amazing smell. However it does more than that. Not only does herbal incense smell fantastic but it helps set the mood and it can even help get conversations started. I typically have to invite all of my coworkers to the parties and they are not the most talkative group. They often need a little help along the way. I figure why not try setting the mood with a cool new smell and see if that helps the people start talking. I imagine the conversation would go something like, “So, have you noticed the awesome smell of herbal incense”? Once that phrase is out there the opportunities for chatter will be endless.

Herbal incense not only sets the mood and smells great but it is also very affordable. Since this incense burns slowly it means that you are not going to run out as quickly and have to replace it. That makes herbal incense a great investment. But I digress. So here is my plan. I am planning on having 3 different herbal incense containers set up in the house. One will be in the bathroom because, well you know. The other will be located in the entry way and the final will be located in the kitchen. However I have a plan for another herbal incense container. I am planning on setting up one container outside the house. The smell? I am leaning towards chocolate simply so it draws attention and invites the people to come in hungry.

So that is my herbal incense Halloween plan. Sounds yummy and fun to me. What are your plans for incense and/or Halloween?

Why Keep Tactical Flashlights In a Haunted House


The Internet is full of bloated information that has absolutely nothing to do with reality. However this article is not going to fall into that category. The idea here is tactical flashlights and the reasons that you need to have one. For the sake of arguments lets assume that the flashlight is going to be used in a haunted house. With that being said lets take a few moments and explain the advantages of using tactical flashlights and the reasons that you need to always have one on your side. From this moment forward we will be assuming that we are all talking about haunted houses.

The first reason that you need tactical flashlights in a haunted house is because the house is freaking dark. Nobody likes to walk around in the dark. Isn’t that why we have a phrase that says, I’m in the dark here? We all like to walk in the light because it allows us to see better and it keeps us from stumbling into or across things that might impede us. Tactical flashlights are great for adding light because they are some of the brightest flashlights on the market today. One of these bad boys can illuminate an entire ballroom. Not only will they brighten a dark room but they also have the ability to focus their beams into small, tight spots. This is a great advantage.

Tactical flashlights are also good because they are built from hardened steel. Sure they might be a bit heavy but the reasons for this added weight are simple. A heavier object allows us to actually use the flashlight as a weapon. A properly swung flashlight can deliver a serious blow to any ghost or ghoul and it will certainly make you feel a bit more secure knowing that you have a serious weapon in your hands. But this is not the primary reason that you need tactical flashlights.

Tactical flashlights are used by the local police and the military for a reason. These things have a long life expectancy and they are built very, very well. These flashlights can be dropped, run over, thrown around, and they will still work. Tactical flashlights do not use up the batteries quickly either. There really is no reason to think that these flashlights are not useful. When it comes to added light, added security, and quality, there is nothing better than a tactical flashlight. I have several in my home and I even keep on in my truck and my car. So are you ready to go get your own?

Watching Scary Movies Is Exciting!


If you are running out of things to do this summer perhaps you need to get started watching some scary movies. I remember back in the day when my husband would gather all the cousins and our daughter around him in the evenings after a family meal to tell them all a scary story. My daughter still talks about that to this day because it made a fond memory for her. She didn’t get too scared but a few of the kids got scared and screamed during these stories. If you have fond memories like that from your childhood then perhaps you would be interested in starting a tradition with your kids as well.

You may not always have time for a scary story but there is always time to watch a scary movie. I know my girl likes to watch them and has gotten me into it a little bit. I cannot watch something that is really scary because it will make me dream horrible stuff but a few of the shows and movies she has me watch with her are ok and very doable.

Getting all wrapped up in a blanket with your loved ones with a box of popcorn in front of the television set and watching scary movies together is really fun. If you don’t believe me then give it a try this coming weekend. I know that if you have kids they will totally enjoy you spending quality time with them under the blanket like you did when they were little. Think of it as a bonding time with your kids. If you don’t like scary movies you can always close your eyes and just enjoy the love from your family.